Fayetteville High School Sports Medicine

Fayetteville Public Schools Sports Medicine Program will provide injury prevention, care and rehabilitation services and education to each student-athlete. This will ensure a safe return to full athletic participation and continued athletic success.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The purpose of this web site is to inform you about our athletic training services available to your student-athlete in the Fayetteville Public Schools. Our main objective is to care for the injured athlete and manage a safe return to competition. Guidelines for student-athlete injuries:

Athletes with non-emergent sports-related athletic injuries should report to an Athletic Trainer for assessment and/or treatment prior to seeing a doctor. Notify Coach of injury as soon as possible and Coach will contact Athletic Trainer.
Once your student-athlete visits a physician; whether it is initiated by a member of the Fayetteville Public Schools Sports Medicine Staff or not, a written document from the treating physician is required prior to returning to any school related activity. A school related activity includes any type of school practice or game. If a physician’s note is not provided to the Sports Medicine Staff, the student-athlete will not be allowed to participate in any practice or game.
Parent notes pertaining to releasing their student-athlete will not replace the attending physician’s release.
Fayetteville Public Schools provides a SECONDARY insurance policy for all student athletes at Fayetteville High School, Ramay Jr High and Woodland Jr High. This insurance acts as a secondary policy if the student has primary insurance or as a primary insurance if the student-athlete is uninsured. The claim form can be obtained through the athletic trainer and/or coach.

Please contact us anytime if a question should arise. Thank you for allowing us to work with both you and your son or daughter.


Jason Barnes, MS, ATC, LAT
479-445-1235 (Fieldhouse Training Rm #)
Ambur Dryer, MS, ATC, LAT, EMT-B
479-445-1511 (Arena Training Rm #)
Kalani Holleman, MS, ATC, LAT
479-445-1235 (Fieldhouse Training Rm #) During Football & Soccer Seasons, 2:30pm to 7pm daily
479-445-1511 (Arena Training Rm #) During Basketball Season, 2:30-6pm daily